Event photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}

I am an event photographer on the French Riviera, used to profesionnal and high-end environments. Based in Nice, between Cannes and Monaco, I do reports for any kind of corporate events such as concerts, congresses, symposiums, festivals, conferences, team-building operations, grand-openings, incentive, etc…
Also available for your private events, I’ll be honoured to be your photographer for your wedding, birthday, friends or family reunion.

Efficient, versatile and reliable, I can manage the best pictures in all situations! I offer edited pictures quick delivery services & I can provide images for live social networks reporting on site. I also can manage a team of photographers for your bigger events and creating short video clips for your social media.

I’ll be very happy to help you with any of your requests. Please give me as much details as you can (duration of the report, place, how many images needed, edited or natural pictures…)

Event photography sample

Evenement sportifSpectacle  cirqueDanseuseBonnie Tyler MYS 2014Reportage photo événementiel Guess (50)Yacht Club Monaco / Nouba MusicIPEM2019-Cannes-exhibition photographer (4)EY_JE20181020_Sophia-Antipolis_aSeed (50)Event photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}EY_JE20181020_Sophia-Antipolis_aSeed (31)Birthday party in Antibes (2)Evenement sportifphotographe défilé modeEY_JE20181020_Sophia-Antipolis_aSeed (77)Cannes Lions 208 event photographer (3)Clown musicienEvent photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}EY_JE20181020_Sophia-Antipolis_aSeed (36)Yacht Club Monaco / Nouba MusicReportage photo événementiel Guess (25)Event photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}Event photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}Cannes Lions 208 event photographer (5)ChanteurEvent photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}Yacht Club Monaco / Nouba MusicEvent photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}Chloé Hache nageuseEvent photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}Event photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}Salon-IPEM-Cannes-10AWMC Monaco event photographer (15)Event photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}Reportage photo événementiel Guess (13)Event photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}Event photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}Event photographer {Cannes Nice Monaco}photographe défilé modeSalon-IPEM-Cannes-25Yacht Club Monaco / Nouba Music

Few references for events and corporate photoshoots