Fred Lefeuvre, photographer, what about me ?

Fred Lefeuvre photographerMy name is Fred Lefeuvre. I was born in the early 80′s on the French Mediterranean coast. With a photographer as a mom, I’m in love with it since my childhood. As former musician, art and photography went naturally into my life years ago.
I can describe myself as : enthousiast, open-minded, creative, crazy, smily, respectfull…

I’m always fully motivated whatever is the job, whoever is the client. I’m always trying to do my best, and a bit more. By the way, if you have crazy requests, I’ll be very happy to be challenged !

In my youth I was used to travel a lot ; I had my backpacking time in Asia, India, South and Central America, I also lived in Amsterdam for a while. I kept from these trips an immoderate passion for colors, portaits, landscapes, and a spicy/sunny accent when I speak english. Let’s say that I speak a native french, a good english, a good-enough-to-survive-in-spain spanish and few words in a plenty of languages.

What my photographic style is made of?

My style looks like me, it’s a spontaneous mix of fun, love, happiness and a touch of candid moments. It brings the best of the people as well as the bright colors and lights of the French Riviera. I’m trying to keep my style unique, I don’t follow actual trends which make every photographer swappables. I’m inspired by a so many differents things from modern to classic photography standards and artists. My style is reflecting this culture and background and is changing every day with the light and mood

What I like

My wife and son, my awesome friends and familly, I’m becoming real ice-cream specialist, discovering new places, Nice my lovely city, vintage film cameras, playing guitar and ukulele, beach, scuba in the deep blue sea, skying in the wide white moutains, good food (really? who didn’t?), nature, good music. I’m enjoying  every beautiful things that my senses can feel.

Recommended places

Near Nice, I can recommend Old town with small colorful streets, “Castle” Hill with its magic view on the city, gardens of Cimiez (Olives trees and roses), beaches, Nice water mirror, the famous Promenade des Anglais, Eze village and its antic stones streets , countryside hills and Alpes, Monaco, Citadelle and beach of Villefranche-sur-mer. Actually the whole French Riviera (and further) is an amazing playground for a deeply-in-love-with-colors- photographer like I am.
And of course my super studio !